Family Finds Hidden Camera Live Streaming In Airbnb

You can rarely notice hidden cameras implanted in hotel rooms and other places. Most of them are pinhole spy cameras that can only be discovered if scanned with different scanning tools. Some of the hidden cams record audio and also take pictures.

How it feels to discover a hidden camera streaming live in a room

Privacy is something that we are all entitled to and when people bridge this, it doesn’t feel okay. Personal space is different for different people such that for example, you may feel okay doing something around people whereas I may feel uncomfortable doing the same thing around people. I think no one should dictate your personal space. You are the only one who knows what your personal space is. A secret cam in the table room could make me feel uncomfortable whereas it could feel completely okay for someone to have hidden cams even in their bedroom.

The most common way of tampering with people’s privacy is to live streaming them through secret cams. There has been an increased number of cases of people complaining about hotels not respecting their privacy. Recently, a family discovered hidden camcorder in their Airbnb in Ireland.

A family discovers a hidden camera in their Airbnb in Ireland

Andrew and her wife, a couple from New Zealand were in a 14 months tour across Europe. They got to Ireland and decided to stay in the property in Cork, Ireland. After unpacking, Andrew Barker, alleged to be an IT expert, scanned Wi-Fi network within the household only to discover a live feed from a hidden camera in the house.

The camera was hidden in a fire alarm. This was a very horrible feeling to Nealie, Andrew, their four children, and a niece. Nealie said he felt so betrayed by Airbnb. The couple called Airbnb management to report the incidence but Airbnb staff didn’t seem to consider it as a serious case as Nealie said. “They only said that if we cancel within 14 days, we won’t get our money back,” said Nealie.

Airbnb did not confirm the allegations of there being a hidden camera. They said they were not aware of it. After calling the owner of the property, he at first denied the allegations then later said the hidden camera was only meant to ensure the security of his property. He, however, refused to confirm if it was recording audio and taking pictures. The family had to relocate to another house, claiming that Airbnb did not seem to take their case seriously.

After the news spread to a lot of media houses, Airbnb realized they were on the spotlight and said they had banned that listing from their listings and that they’d ensure such a case never recurs.

I take it that if Andrew was not an IT expert, he would not have discovered the hidden camera, meaning that many people are livestreamed on hidden cameras only that they never discover them as Andrew did.

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