Should We Be Searching For Hidden Cameras In AirBnB and Hotel

Discovering a hidden camera in your rental or hotel room can be a horrifying experience but unfortunately, this is a trend which has been happening for years, leaving a huge report of invasion of privacy from people. The horrific scenarios of hidden cameras in hotel rooms has left people paranoid with the feeling of being watched.

Is it illegal to have hidden cameras?

There is no direct answer to this question as laws vary from state to state and country to country. Although, it is legal to install hidden cameras in public places such as subway, doorways, or outside your property. In some cases, the use of nanny cams is also legal especially when used in open spaces like the living rooms and kitchen but completely illegal if used in more private rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

As it is against the policy, Airbnb prohibits to install hidden cameras indoor, either in use or not; unless publicly stated in the listing. In case you are curious and decide to take little precautions, here are the following places to check for hidden cameras:

  • Picture Frame;
  • TV Remote;
  • AC Adapter;
  • Smoke Detectors;
  • Clothes Hanger Hook;
  • Wall Clock;
  • Tissue Box.

For bathroom hidden cameras, it can be installed in:

  • Toilet Brush Holder;
  • Bathroom Air Freshener.

Should We Be Searching For Hidden Cameras In AirBnB and Hotel?

With the recent happenings, it is necessary to scan rooms for hidden spy cameras. These hidden cameras can be found using the following:

  • With the Use of An App

There are Apps available online such as the Hidden Cam Detector App which assist to detect areas where hidden cameras are installed in a room or building. It is active in locating battery powered camera devices recording in the room. However, the app is continuously being upgraded in order to detect accurately more devices.

  • Scan The Room

When you check in a new place, take a few minutes to scan the room for any hidden cameras or suspicious gadgets. First, check the items which were listed above for a start and watch out for any red LED light which is mostly installed or attached close to the wall.

  • Scan for Pin Holes

Hidden cameras might come in various designs and disguises but they always have the pinhole which allows the lens to capture the scenes. Therefore, if you suspect an item, search for the pinhole to confirm if it’s a hidden camera.

  • Look Out For Heat

Hidden cameras today are powered mostly by batteries. These batteries emit more heat than any other items around the areas which they are installed especially around non-electronic gadgets. Therefore if you feel an item is emitting more heat than usual, that may be a hidden camera.

  • Use a Flashlight

This trick could be archaic but proves to be very accurate. To do this, turn off all lights and use a flashlight to gradually inspect the room. Hidden cameras lens mostly reflect light which gives it off.

  • Invest in a Device

For individuals that travel a lot or feel unsafe with the feeling of being watched, you could always tag along with a hidden camera detector device which is available on Amazon for cheap prices.

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